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The Yorkshire Rose

The white rose is traditionally supposed to represent purity and innocence - but to Yorkshire folk, it always means home. 
So to incorporate this wonderful story into my soap,
I chose to give an option of gift wrap.
This is the cotton wrap with a wax seal, the Yorkshire Rose.
I use the traditional method of melting the wax with a brass melting spoon.
Once melted, I then pour onto the cotton & label, wait a few seconds then brand with the seal.
The original version of wax seals dates back to early civilizations in the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia,
meaning they’re even older than pen and paper!
In fact back then, they didn’t even use wax, it was a case of rings pushed into clay.
As we evolved so did our seals! Fast forward to the future, the seal is merely a feature for decoration.
Though I like to think it is still an important part of our heritage.
On 1 August 1759 soldiers from the Yorkshire regiments at the Battles of Minden picked white roses in tribute of the fallen colleagues.
The design registered by the YRS was one of three rival flag designs for Yorkshire. Almost all Yorkshire symbolism contains the White Rose of York, which originated as the symbol of the House of York. 
What does the Yorkshire Rose mean to me? Well I am Yorkshire of course. A genuine English Rose (So I have been told after ‘blooming out of pubity’) It makes me proud to be part of Englands culture, to have a sense of belonging. Wherever I am in the world I can truly say that I was born in the heart of England, good olde Yorkshire!
In fact, if you visit the York Minster, you will see on the west window the huge stained glass window with heart-shaped traceries.
Legend has it, a couple who share a kiss under the West Window will enjoy lifelong love. 
Very romantic!